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Building strong communities through a well trained workforce.

What’s the best way to train water and wastewater professionals? Have them work closely with their

The Oklahoma Municipal Alliance (OMA) is partnering with select municipal water and wastewater
professionals to provide hands-on operational bestpractice training across the state.

“Water professionals who partner with OMA will hone their skills while ensure others are performing
the skills correctly and effectively,” said General Manager Tom Rider.

The training will have several components. The first training segment contains a video review of the skill
being performed correctly. The second segment is a demonstration of the skill by the training partners. The
third segment is hands-on practice by participants.

“Each segment of a training event focuses and reinforces the correct practice and application of a
skill,” Rider added.

To become a water and/or wastewater training partner, an interested municipality should contact Tom Rider at tom@okmainc.com. A phone call and meeting will be scheduled to answer all questions the city or town may have
about becoming a training partner.

“Our goal is to have training partners across the state. When we can offer regional training to small
groups, there will be more opportunities for all municipal water personnel to attend quality training
close to their city or town.” Rider noted.

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