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At the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Association, MESO members unanimously approved changing the name of the association to the Oklahoma Municipal Alliance (OMA). The name change will take affect July 1, with the beginning of the new fiscal year.

In changing the name, the members approved the expansion of training and services to other municipal departments, beginning with water and wastewater operators.

“Our members have been asking us to take the quality training we offer municipal electric systems and develop the same level of training for other departments,” Tom Rider, General Manager, said. In addition to moving into water and wastewater operations, OMA will seek out opportunities to provide quality programming for municipal natural gas systems, broadband, solid waste and other enterprise services.

“Our immediate need is to provide regional training for water and wastewater personnel as quickly as possible,” Rider said.

Towards this goal, OMA is seeking municipal training partners.
“Our training partners will be qualified, experienced professionals who can demonstrate the proper skills for a given task,” Rider added. “We will take the training to their municipality and open it up to other municipalities in the immediate region.”

For more information about OMA’s future and training opportunities for water and wastewater personnel, contact Tom Rider at tom@meso.org.

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