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Coffeyville, KS Municipal Light & Power, the city’s electric division, was named for Outstanding Achievement in MESO’s annual Electric Operations and Reliability Competition in the four-state region for 2012. The utility was recognized in the category for cities over 10,000 population and cited for achieving a high level of service reliability for member cities.

Coffeyville Light & Power had the highest reliability level of service recorded by public power systems in 2012 with power being available 99.9970% of the time meaning the average customer lost power for less than thirty-two minutes out of 8,760 hours in the last year.

The city-owned utility also typically identified, responded to, and corrected a power outage problem in two hours on average. By having local ownership of the electric system and crews located within two miles of most customers, customers don’t wait for electric service crews in Coffeyville. While providing excellent service and response time to its customers, Coffeyville Light & Power also had an outstanding safety record for the year. In 2012, Coffeyville Light & Power had no “lost days” – days where workers were off the job
due to an on-the-job injury.

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